How to Respond to a USCIS Request for Evidence (RFE)?

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US visa guidelines have been reformed and updated with the Biden administration taking over and COVID-19 restrictions in place. This implies more paperwork in accordance with the most updated criteria described by USCIS news on the official website to get your hands on the USCIS green card

Now you can stay updated with the USCIS news and guidelines for your visa application by visiting the official site or connecting with your expert EB5 resources immigration attorney before you file your visa application.

What Is USCIS?

USCIS, meaning: The United States Citizenship And Immigration Services, is an official representative run by the federal government that facilitates the lawful immigration program run within the US boundaries. USCIS also provides several services like-

  • Manage the US citizenship applications
  • Read family petitions and consider the cases
  • Work permits in the USA
  • Maintenance of Green card and permits
  • Verification of legal rights and managing employment eligibility
  • Facilitating humanitarian programs
  • Allowing the legal adoption of non-US citizen and more

As an Indian citizen exploring your US migration option, you can connect with the USCIS India office for further processing of your application that includes- 

  • Rescheduling of cancelled appointments
  • SB-1 status and visa applications
  • LPR services (boarding foil)
  • Reissuance of expired visas
  • K applications

NOTE- The USCIS India Consulates in Mumbai have reopened their office to restart with the immigrant visa appointments, cancelled earlier. The Scheduling/Submission of new cases is resumed for the interested applicants through the official website as of June 7, 2021. However, there is no surety of when you will receive your appointment date.

What Is A Green Card?

A USCIS green card holder is an immigrant who can lawfully live and work in the USA permanently. As proof, USCIS will offer you the permanent resident card, also known as a green card. If you want to live in the US as a permanent citizen, get in touch with your immigration attorney and apply for US citizenship through the several categories offered for immigrants.

USCIS Visa Bulletin 

USCIS has released the USCIS priority dates and USCIS visa bulletin. In addition, you can connect with your immigration attorney to check your visa progress. Here are the common visa categories to look out for-

Family-based visa category-

  • F1- Unmarried children 21 or older of US citizens
  • F-2A- Spouse and unmarried children under 21 years or less of US green card holder
  • F-2B- Unmarried children of US green holder 
  • F-3- Married children of US citizen
  • F-4- Siblings of US citizen

Employment-based visa category-

EB-1- For extraordinary people, Researchers, MNC Executives, and Managers

EB-2- Exceptional people and advanced degree holders

EB-3- Bachler’s degree holder, Skilled/Unskilled

EB-4- Special immigrants

EB-5- Investor’s category  

USCIS Visa Retrogression

There is a category-wise limit on the visas that can be issued yearly. As the visa bulletin cut-off dates move forward, the applicant’s lines get shortened, but this is not the case for everyone. 

Many countries like India, China, etc., have several applicants in the same category leading to the backward movement of cut-off dates. This leads to one or multiple visa backlogs pushing the country into visa retrogression. This leads to the extended visa processing time. 

Visa bulletin reading can be challenging, especially if you are from retrogression countries. On missing the USCIS priority date, your visa dream is likely to get compromised. 

Your immigration attorney can help you with that by ensuring that you do not miss your USCIS priority date and starting the paperwork at the earliest. 

USCIS Processing Time 

The official release of USCIS processing time for applications is in range. For example, the first number will show how much time it will take to process 50% of cases, and the second number will show the time taken to process 93% of cases.

The USCIS processing times are listed every month for each category individually, which might fluctuate at times. Connect with your visa attorney to know more about the USCIS petition status, visa issuance progress, and USCIS passport status. 

How To Check USCIS Visa Status?

Here are the five ways you can check your USCIS visa status-

  • Online
  • By Mail
  • By Email
  • In-Person
  • By Phone

Your options depend upon whether you are applying for the visa application within the USA by filing form I-485 or on the foreign land by filing form DS-260.

1. Online

To check your USCIS visa status online, enter your receipt number in the USCIS case tracker inbox and check your status. This is applicable if you are living in the US. 

If you are applying from a foreign land, you will need to add your immigrant visa case number by visiting the NVC’s consular electronic application center and answering the questions as asked. Finally, click submit, and you will receive your visa status.

2. By Mail

Make sure that you have provided the correct mailing address and you are checking your Mail regularly. If your address has changed since you have applied for the green card, you must send your updated address to the government within ten days to receive your documents on time.

3. By Email 

You can submit your questions to the US government through the Mail by submitting the form with due information, and they will revert your visa USCIS application status.

4. In-Person

The option is applicable if you reside in the US, where you can connect with the USCIS contact center and talk to their Tier 1 representative. If required, you will be put in contact with Tier 2 representative who will further help you in scheduling an in-person interview at the nearest USCIS field office.

The option is suitable for those who have a specific question about their visa; otherwise, you can use other modes of communication for a simple visa update.

5. By Phone

To get your status updates through Phone, call the USCIS contact – 800-375-5283 (TTY 800-767-1833) and ask your question in English or Spanish. The answering machines will answer the general questions once you have submitted the desired input.  

If you reside outside the USA, connect with your NVC during working hours to get the updates. Unfortunately, due to high volumes of calls, you might need to wait for some time. 

Latest Update On Regional Centre Program

As per the latest USCIS news update, the regional center program expires on June 30, 2021. So, you have until June 30 to file your petition. From July 2021 onwards, the USCIS visa bulletin EB-5 category will not be available until Congress relegalizes the visa category. So keep an eye out at this space to get the latest updates about the visa category.

What Is The Basic USCIS Immigrant Fee?

If you have been awarded your US visa, you will be required to pay your USCIS immigrant fee online through the USCIS website to get a permanent green card. If you don’t have access to a credit card, US bank account, or an online medium, then your family member, employer, relative, etc., can submit your fee on your behalf. 

The USCIS immigrant fee is 220$. Just visit the USCIS immigrant fee page or ask your attorney to make the transaction on your behalf. Once the payment is confirmed, get the printout for your records. 

If required, USCIS authorities notify you to submit the documents you could have missed or for inspection as evidence. This increases your processing time by months. 

The immigration visa attorneys are well versed with paperwork, bulletin reading, and representing your case with the evidence USCIS will require for your visa allotment. Connect with your visa experts today and start your visa journey.



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