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EB 5 Investor & Registered Financial Advisor

Ashok Kumar Adusumilli

    Since an early age, I was involved with my family’s Public listed steel company in India, which gave me a lot of exposure to the world of finance. Through my involvement with my family’s company, I raised capital through investment funds and researched investment opportunities around the world. This involvement in finance spurred what has become my 17-year career in the financial sector, focusing on financial investments and due diligence. Over the course of my career, I have put together several investment deals in private equity funds, real estate, emerging market stocks, and venture capital investments. I have a masters degree from the University of Houston, Clear Lake and lived and worked in India, the United States, and Dubai before settling in Houston, Texas with my wife and daughter.

    Before becoming a US qualified and licensed EB-5 Financial Advisor, I did the EB-5 Investment for my family and I and have received my conditional green card. I have also helped my brother’s family successfully navigate the EB-5 process and secure their green cards as well. When I went through the EB-5 process, I had so many questions about the process and selecting the right project that it was bewildering. I was ready to invest my hard earned money, but was I sure I knew enough about the program’s rules and regulations to avoid a denial? I invested two years of my time into the EB-5 world to learn as much as I could about the process and the stakeholders. I researched the Regional Centers, immigration attorneys, project developers, sponsors, lenders, USCIS’s rules on aging out, NVC processing and interviews, return of investment regulations, and other often overlooked aspects of the program. I went through copious project PPMs and met and spoke with multiple investment issuers to understand their individual offerings. I did my due diligence and realized that there was a lot of variation in the terms and conditions of each project.

    The more I dug around, the more I realized the complexities of the EB-5 program. The information that is available is complex and inaccessible to investors who have not spent two years learning the ins and outs of the program. As a result, investors largely depend on marketing materials provided by Regional Centers or are introduced to EB-5 projects by immigration attorneys or agents. For these investors, a complete due diligence is practically impossible: it is only when someone goes through the process and actually invests $500,000 (as in my case) or $800,000 (for new investors) that they actually understand and realize the scope and details of the process.

    Having successfully completed the process, I understand that simply choosing a project and filing a petition is not enough to navigate the multi-year EB-5 journey. My years of experience in investing in established and emerging markets has also taught me that there is no substitute for an on-the-ground team member who is able to build long-term relationships and vet projects in person.
    That’s why I’m dedicated to guiding English, Telugu, Hindi, and Tamil-speaking clients through the entire investment process, from finding the right opportunity to receiving a permanent green card and the return of your original investment.