What Is EB-5?
What are the Basic EB-5 Requirements?

Basics of the EB-5 Investment Visa

The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program was created by an Act of Congress in 1990 as a means to spur economic growth in the United States. The EB-5 visa is an investor visa: petitioners invest in a new, job creating enterprise in exchange for permanent residency in the United States. Unlike other permanent residency visas, the EB-5 visa does not require a minimum level of education, an employment offer, or sponsorship. But, applicants must invest a minimum of $900,000 in a business or project that subsequently creates at least 10 jobs per investor.

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Advantages for EB-5 Investors

Applying for an EB-5 visa can be the fastest available route to a green card for individuals from certain countries.

One investment provides U.S. permanent residency for the investor, the investor’s spouse, and the investor’s unmarried children under the age 21.

EB-5 visa holders can live and work anywhere in the United States.

The investor is eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship after five years.

Children of Investors can attend universities in the United States and can be eligible for in-state tuition fees.

The visa has no prior education or language requirements.

The visa has no sponsorship requirements.

Applying for EB-5 does not affect other ongoing forms of U.S. legal status (i.e. H1-B, F1, B1, etc.)

What is the Investment amount and are there any other expenses for filing an EB-5 Visa petition?

The EB-5 program requires an investment of $900,000 for projects that are located in areas that have high unemployment (Targeted Employment Areas, or TEAs) or $1.8 million in areas that are not considered TEAs. In addition to the required capital investment, investors also incur other fees associated with filing the petition and administration of funds.

Description (TEA Regional Center Project) Amount in USD
Investment into the escrow account of the EB-5 Project $900,000
Admin fees paid to Regional Center $65,000*
Immigration attorney fees for filing I-526 petition $25,000*
Immigration attorney fees for filing I-526 petition $5000*
Total: $995,000

*Approximate charges

Risks for EB-5 Investors

Per U.S. Immigration regulations, an investor's funds must be “At-Risk” to qualify as an EB-5 investment. As such, the investor is not entitled to a guaranteed return on the investment; in fact, anything that resembles a guaranteed return will lead to a denial of the EB-5 petition. Investors should also be aware that an EB-5 investment is not a liquid investment, and funds can be tied up for at least five years.

Because of these risks, it is crucial that investors work with a knowledgeable and experienced EB-5 advisor. Doing so can ensure that investors choose an investment project that not only results in a green card, but also yields a positive return on investment.

EB-5 Resources - Your Trusted Advisor

EB-5 Resources provides comprehensive advisory services for investors pursuing permanent residency in the U.S. through the EB-5 program. We are a team of trusted professionals led by Ashok Kumar, an advisor with more than five years of experience in the EB-5 industry who has strong relationships with project sponsors, investors, attorneys, and migration agents worldwide. Mr. Kumar is also an EB-5 investor and has personally, and successfully, navigated the EB-5 process.

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I know the fears and anxieties EB-5 investors face, and understand the common pitfalls that can lead to delays, denials, and lost capital. Using my connections and expertise, I will guide you through the arduous EB-5 process and minimize the risk involved. My allegiance lies solely with my clients and my goal is to successfully shepherd each client from project selection to permanent residency by providing expert advice, insight, and services at every stage of the process.

Ashok Kumar

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