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An EB-5 visa can be the adventure of a lifetime. Few other investments come with the opportunity to put your resources to work making an immediate positive impact while earning U.S. residency at the same time.

But the EB-5 process can also be daunting, especially with your hard-earned assets on the line. How do you choose the right project? Will your investment be safe? Can you trust the developer and project team? Is that Regional Center reputable? And once you’ve made your investment, what about the petition process? It is uncharted territory for even the most experienced investors. You deserve a trusted guide who knows the way.

EB5 Resources is a full-service concierge, advisor, and consultancy specializing exclusively in EB-5 investments. We help you navigate the complicated terrain of EB-5 investment, petition, and visa processing while avoiding common pitfalls that could lead to delays, denials, or even the loss of your investment.

Led by a successful EB-5 investor and certified broker with deep experience in finance and investing, we painstakingly vet individual EB-5 projects and investment opportunities through a combination of on-the-ground research and verification, deep due diligence, and rigorous risk management standards. Then, we use a systematic approach to match you to a project that matches your objectives.

Once you’ve chosen a project, we work directly with you and your immigration team to make sure the entire process flows smoothly from start to finish, all while actively monitoring your investment and reporting on the project process. The best part? It is all at no direct cost to you.

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EB-5 projects Direct and Indirect jobs

EB5 Visa Job Creation Requirement

January 8, 2021

Differences Between Direct and Regional Center Projects By Marisa Marconi, Pinnacle Plan Writing, LLC EB-5 investors have two routes in their pursuit of an EB-5 visa:  they can directly invest in a new commercial enterprise, or they can invest in a project sponsored by a Regional Center. Historically, different types of projects are associated with …

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EB-5 consular processing

Podcast on EB-5 Consular Processing

January 7, 2021

I had recently done a couple of podcasts with two of the Top EB-5 attorneys in the Industry, Matt Galati & Michael Harris. Both of them have decades of experience in immigration and are particularly well versed in EB-5 as they have handled thousands of EB-5 Investors filings and have extensive knowledge about the Industry and the workings …

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